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Web Portals

Web Portal is basically a website that has information and resources shared from various dimensions, and put in a uniform way. We help our customers to develop web portals. The advantages of developing a web portal are numerous; including that it gives your customers a much more engaging experience, makes them feel connected and develops a reputation for your business. We are currently using Java based technologies for developing web portals for our customers. We develop portals using Liferay, Alfresco and Spring framework.

Web Development

The most integral part of having a vibrant online presence is having an excellent and an engaging website. We enable our customers to establish a vibrant online presence. Neonicz solutions has the right set of experience and expertise, to help our customers with developing the most suitable Web Apps for their business. Neonicz Solutions provides services for end to end development of web applications through various phases planning, designing, developing, delivering, maintaining, repairing and supporting.

Mobile Development

Smart phones have greatly altered the way users have been dealing with technology. Most of the people now own a smart phone and use that for doing soft tasks, because of the handling and portability leverage, they generally have over laptops and PCs. We are helping our customers to develop, maintain, upgrade and support their mobile phone systems. We are giving our clients support and services in various mobile technologies like Android, Phone Gap and Responsive web design. .

Our Short Story

Neonicz solutions is committed to provide you impeccable services from our side. Our team has dedicated their energies and potentials to make sure that our clients are benefitted to the maximum from our side.

We basically started giving tutorials on Java, Spring, Lifery Portal and JQuery through our YouTube channel. We really enjoyed doing that stuff and our tutorials were quite popular among the people who were seeking for some help. This venture of ours, proved to be a blessing in disguise for us and we managed to attract big audiences. We started receiving offers from various individuals, start ups and companies. They wanted us to be a part of their projects. Some companies requested for training of their people. In a nutshell, this is how Neonicz solutions came into being. Since, we have provided our consultancy and training services to various companies and startups and have enabled them to conquer new horizons.

Now we help startups to large sized business in achieving their goal, by equipping them technologically, through our products and consulting. To equip them with the right tools to grow their businesses, we primarily try to determine what they are missing and what can make them achieve new heights.

Neonicz Ventures

Startup support

Start up support is a venture we provide our consultancy services to various startups and help them with their technical stuff. These include various types of startups; ranging from the established ones to the ones which are still in incubation stages. Types of consultancy varies with the kind of support startup is expecting us to provide. Juvenile startups normally seek consulting on developing their technological facilities and how they can achieve wonders by doing it rightly. Support provided to such startups is provided after precisely examining their business and providing them with customized solutions.

Skill Bell

Skill Bell is our YouTube channel which contains various tutorials. We initially started with this channel and we admit that this venture of ours, has paved the way for our future ventures. This father venture of ours opened new horizons for us and crafted the way to our future ventures. We always had an urge towards contributing to the society. This urge of ours, combined with our skills, ultimately lead to creation of this channel, which opened various new avenues to us. Skill Bell proved to be a blessing in disguise for us, and we started to receive offers from various and then expanded our work by providing consulting services to them.


SpotBay is a social network produced by Neonicz solution and is aimed at creating a network that only consists of ‘real people’. Most of the social networks are flooded with unnecessary group creation, spamming and fake IDs and, often real purpose of social networks fades away somewhere in between. We have tried to develop a network, through which people can interact and network with each other in a healthy online space. We have strived to create a mechanism where people can meet new people in real terms, and with real ones only, who are willing to meet, interact and play their part towards the society.