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Right technology adoption isvery important for the  growth of an organization. We are here to take care of that challenge for our customers.


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Smart Inventory

Smart inventory simplifies tracking, ordering, and replenishing, optimizing your inventory management for greater efficiency

Analytics & Reports

Our profit-focused reports provide actionable insights, enabling informed decisions and optimized profits for your business

Multi-Point POS

Multi-point POS simplifies sales transactions and inventory management across multiple locations, boosting business efficiency

Profit Optimizer

ProfitMax maximizes profits with smart expense management, efficient tax handling, and multi-currency support for streamlined business operations


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Our end-to-end stock management software helps distributors manage their inventory more efficiently, with streamlined tracking, order management, reporting, and automated replenishment. Our software is customizable to fit the specific needs of each business, whether large or small. By automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time visibility, our software saves time, reduces costs, and increases productivity, minimizing stockouts and improving customer satisfaction. Try it today to see how it can help your business thrive!


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What People Say

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Retailer, OMAN
Smart inventory software transformed our business. It streamlined our inventory management, saved us time, reduced costs, and increased productivity. We're now able to focus on growing our business and providing better customer satisfaction. Highly recommend it!

Hiren Modi

CEO, mincometsal
STOMAD transformed our business! We save time, reduce costs, and meet customer demand with ease. The automated features and real-time visibility help us stay ahead of the game. We recommend it to any distributor looking to thrive in the market!

osborn shibwela

Retail Consultant, Dubai
I've been using this software for my retail distribution business and it has made my inventory management a breeze! It's customizable to fit my needs and automates repetitive tasks, saving me time and reducing costs. Plus, the real-time visibility has helped me avoid stockouts and improve customer satisfaction. Highly recommend!